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Blockage Clearance

Our jetting teams work with van mounted units, tanker jetters for the larger jobs and a "Vactor type" tanker equipped with suction and water recycling to ensure silt removal and continuous working on larger jobs without the need to refill with jetting water at regular intervals.

All the teams are trained and certified in all aspects of high pressure water jetting and safe working procedures.

Where necessary we work within the street works code including signing and guarding all working areas with public access.

The vehicles and equipment in our fleet enable us to tackle large and small diameter drains and sewers plus land drainage pipes and culverts and we have the equipment to cut tree roots from pipes.

If jetting is not the answer and excavation is necessary we also provide dedicated excavation teams.


We have 3 vehicles equipped with CCTV and location detection technology to identify where problems are and at what depth should excavation be needed.

We have "push" cameras suited to work in small domestic drains and a "crawler" unit for larger sewers and culverts. Locating equipment is carried by the vans and tanker jetting units.

Every survey can be recorded on USB if evidence is needed and a full technical report can also be provided to water industry standard at no extra cost.

We have found that the USB is invaluable for insurers, building surveyors and valuers for the sale or purchase of property.


Our hand held CCTV  cameras can be used in confined space entry to deep manhole chambers or in water course culverts which will not allow the passage of remotely operated equipment owing to silt or debris.


We can provide this service which will include a detailed report of the systems condition backed up by DVD evidence and advise as to what work is required to restore your system to prime working condition. We will quote for this work if requested.

If you need to map your system we can provide this service too using a combination of ground surveys, colour testing,CCTV and radio detection.


The result will be a digital map of the system giving diameters, depths and access points which can be used for planning maintenance work, for supporting new development proposals or just for record purposes and future reference.

Highway/Street Works

Our excavation teams are fully qualified to work in the highway and have all the certification needed to complete the work safely to the requirements of the highway authority, whether it is just survey and jetting work or excavation and repair.

We will carry out risk assessments, arrange any highway opening licenses required by law and provide all the signing, guarding and traffic control measures needed.

From minor excavations to release stubborn blockages to new drain and sewer installation all work is carried out to the highest standards and will be backfilled and reinstated to Highway Authority specification.

For deep excavations our teams are trained in trench timbering and installation of proprietary shoring systems and all work areas are fenced off, coned and signed according to regulations. We are also CHAS registered and accredited.

Confined Space Entry

From culverts to deep sewer entries all confined space entry works are carried out to the latest health and safety standards including site specific risk assessments if required and safe working procedures.

Using fully trained teams as large as the task requires we complete entries or traverses in a controlled and monitored environment but with the equipment to escape safely should conditions change.

We have built a purpose made training environment at our depot which local companies use to complete their confined space training.

Flood and Water Management 

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 is now in force placing extra duties and responsibilities on Local Authorities in relation to inspection and maintenance of watercourses, surface water drainage and sustainable drainage systems.

Calderdale Sewer Services are already helping Calderdale Council respond to this task and are committed to develop with the legislation to provide all the support that our clients need in this developing area of business.

Our services can include inspection and maintenance of watercourses, surface water drainage and sustainable drainage systems

Septic Tanks

Emptying, sucking out and jet lines to and from tanks.